Monthly Sponsorships

We partner with Corluv to provide for the 6 basics needs of the children......Clean Water......Healthcare......Proper Food....Education......Job Skills......A Loving Home. In order to provide for the 6 basic needs we need your help, please consider becoming a sponsor today!

As well as helping to provide the 6 basic needs for the children we also support the Myan school by paying the salaries of the teachers and supplying a meal each day for the children. This is a school where not only the children at the Myan Orphanage get an education, but the children of the Myan community also attend. Just $15 a month sponsors one child, which pays for the the teacher, administrator, food, and curriculum. They are able to receive a Chirst centered education because of the help of our faithful partners.  Please consider a monthly gift to help us continue God's work.


One Time Donations

Please consider a one time donation to help provide the children of Myan with a Christ centered education.

Myan Medical Center

We broke ground on the Medical Center in February 2015 and are almost ready to start using the facility today.

Maissade Orphanage

We are currently in the process of partnering with Coreluv to build an orphanage at Maissade. The land has been purchased and the plans are completed. Please consider helping us to sponsor the children of Maissade.

Please make the donation below if you feel that God has placed this project on your heart.

One Time Donation

Myan Medical Center

Maissade Orphanage