The most important way that you can support OH4F is through prayer.  Because we think it is so important we have dedicated a page to prayer items.  Below you will find specific ways to pray for all those who are a part of or impacted by OH4F.  Add these to your items for prayer

  • The Myan medical clinic as we finish building it.  Pray that God will also be working to provide the right people to help and that the community will benefit from these services.  Give thanks for the quick progress being made on the building.

  • The plans to build an orphanage at Maissade.  We are excited for this opportunity and pray that the children there will receive the 6 basics needs.

  • Full support for all the children at the Myan school - We are still in need of more sponsors to fully fund the school

  • The upcoming trips (June and August) - May people feel the call to join us in loving the children in Haiti and may they see the vision of OH4F as they come.