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About Us

We are here because of some startling statistics that are not numbers but children created in the image of God.  Every day 5,760 children become orphans.  This means that every 15 seconds another child ends up without both parents.  It also means that one out of every eleven children in the world is an orphan.  There are an estimated 400 million orphans worldwide.  At the same time there are an estimated 2.1 billion Christians.  But these facts are just numbers until you meet a child who is growing up without his or her parents.  As soon as you realize that it's not about numbers but about human lives you also understand that we need to do something.  That's why Open Hands 4 the Fatherless has joined with Coreluv International to provide the six basic needs for these children by focusing on a Christ-centered education.  Not only are we helping orphans to escape the cycle of poverty but we are helping whole communities as their children learn and receive skills that will help them and the following generations.

Clean Water

Proper Food



Job Skills

A Loving Home

Everyone should have these essentials of life.  Won't you join us in bringing an abundant life to these children?  After all this is what we are called to do.