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My first trip to Haiti in 2013 really made me take a look at my life and how I was living it.  Over the years of working closely with an orphanage and realizing that most of those children actually have a parent or family that they could be with if they could afford it is heartbreaking to me! I have 3 children and 5 grandchildren and I cannot imagine having to give any of them up because I couldn’t afford to send them to school or feed them. God calls us to open our hearts and hands to those that are oppressed and that first trip really opened my eyes to that in a big way. I feel that OH4F is heading in the right direction by striving to keep families together by providing support for education and food. It is only through education that a child can grow and make change happen. Educating the young adults in a trade is so close to my heart as well, knowing that they may be able to provide for their families by learning a trade is very important to me.


I first fell in love with Haiti and its people back in May 2013 when we went on our first vision trip. Returning home from that trip was a hard reality, and I knew that I needed to be part of the OH4F story in some way. The people of Haiti are so giving even though they have little and I think that is one of the things that draws me back time and time again. The first thing you notice when you get to Haiti is the overall poverty that just screams out at you and it breaks my heart every time I go. You see God has blessed me so much and I used to take that for granted! Mothers actually give their children to orphanages so they can get an education and be fed, can you imagine what it takes to be able to do that? God has placed it on my heart to keep families together and we pray we can do that by providing an education and supplemental food. Every trip I pray that God breaks our hearts for what breaks His and I truly believe that He does. You see, with every trip I leave a little piece of my heart in Haiti.




I first became interested in OH4F after my sons went there on a mission trip in 2013.  It was life-changing for both of them and I wanted to experience it as well.  In January 2018 I went on my first trip to Haiti and had my eyes opened to the extreme poverty of the Haitian people, but I also saw evidence of hope and joy in their faces.  I spent a lot of time loving on the children and came away so blessed! I went back in July 2019 with my daughter where we again spent time with the children, but also spent time with local Haitians.  They invited us into their home and asked for prayer as his wife was soon going to have an operation. We also spent time talking with Redeem United and their role in Haiti.  I love the fact that they are investing in students but also help them transition to employment.  They are also involved with feeding the widows and offering some medical care.  We have been called to help those with less and I pray that I can help make a small difference in Haiti.