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Dreams.  We all have them and OH4F is no exception.  All dreams can remain just that, dreams.  It is our prayer that someday, somehow God will turn at least some of our dreams into reality.  As we share these dreams with you please include them in your prayers.  Who knows?  God may just show you how these might become more than just dreams.

Here are a few of our dreams:

  • We will continue adding the next grade levels
  • A skills-training program so that students will find stable income when finishing school
  • A full-time missionary in Haiti to grow God's kingdom
  • The Myan school will be fully funded
  • Children in the community will believe in God through their studies
  • Our children will become productive members of society
  • The Myan school will find a source of water on the premises
  • More people will become passionate about helping children through OH4F whether they are in Haiti or elsewhere
  • We will find a college or university to connect with for a study program