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Our Vision


Open Hands 4 the Fatherless is a response to the call to love and defend the fatherless while educating the forgotten.  We seek to "extend the same mercy that was extended to us, and we do it in tangible ways" (Matt Maher).  Tangible ways such as providing a meal for school-aged children who may go without, gaining caring relationships with adults, such as teachers and administrators, receiving confidence as they successully pass tests and classes, and gaining skills that will help them to be a productive part of society.
Open Hands 4 the Fatherless partners with Redeem United.  The Schools 4 Advancement Initiative was started in the Summer of 2013 and works to battle the huge education needs Haitian children face.  
Open Hands 4 the Fatherless envisions engaging the communities or "spheres of influence" (Beth Moore) and churches of OH4F members to not only donate financially, but more importantly, donate members' time with love. This can be fulfilled through our Vision Trips to Haiti, visiting and experiencing the love of God's children, which spreads the vision exponentially to those who attended and their communities.