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Monthly Sponsorships

We partner with Corluv to provide a Christian based education for the children of Myan. In order to provide this we need your help, please consider becoming a sponsor today!

We support the Myan school by paying the salaries of the teachers and supplying a meal each day for the children. This is a school where not only the children at the Myan Orphanage get an education, but the children of the Myan community also attend. Just $15 a month sponsors one child, which pays for the the teacher, administrator, food, and curriculum. They are able to receive a Christ centered education because of the help of our faithful partners.  Please consider a monthly gift to help us continue God's work.

One-time Gifts

While monthly sponsorships are the most beneficial to our support of the Myan school, we also appreciate one-time donations.  Ever donation is used to support this Christian school!

Making your donation

You can donate online to OH4F using a Credit Card, a Debit Card or an eCheck (ACH from your bank account). To donate, click on the applicable link below.

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