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Vision Trips

OH4F works with Coreluv International to organize Vision Trips.  Currently we go 2 times per year - once in January or February and once in the summer. Each one usually lasts six days.  We have found that this is the best amount of time.  You will find it to be both draining and energizing.  Groups range in size but are limited to 25 people.  Individuals, schools, youth groups, families, and any other combination are welcome.

Costs are generally $725 for a 6 day stay plus airfare. If the trips are more than 6 days there is a slight increase in the cost.  We take care of arranging all flights as a convenience to you.  This way we also are able to fly into Port au Prince on the same flight.  Who knows, you might gain new friendships as you fly into the country.  The cost of these vision trips covers your flight, transportation in Haiti, 2 meals per day, lodging, translators, and administration fees.

These Vision trips are simply opportunities to love children.  We do not go to Haiti so that we can build or fix anything.  This would just eliminate work that our Haitian brothers and sisters can do.  Too often trips are planned so that the wealthy (monetarily) can give to those who are not as materially blessed.  But our vision trips are meant to do away with this lopsided relationship.  We go to Haiti so that we can share God's love but in the process we find that we are the ones who are most blessed.  Our culture tells us that it's all about us but God says that it's all about Him and our neighbors.  By playing with children and building relationships with Haitians God strips away our walls and self-centeredness.  If you feel like God is calling you to join us then don't resist.  God may be stirring a new passion within you.

If you are interested in learning more about our trips then email